I designed the TI-STARTER kit to help you get your physical (‘real iron’ as they say) TI connected to your PC, in order to transfer files via the RS232 port.  There aren’t a lot of options without diving into some tricky methods, and all of which required purchasing more stuff.

The typical catch-22 is; you have software available online, you’ve downloaded it, but now you have no way to ‘get it’ to the TI.

With this kit you should be ready to transfer files between your TI and your PC/Mac/Linux machines’ serial ports.

This kit include the items listed below and the program Magic File Manipulator (MFM) to assist in getting something to the TI.  This is probably the simplest method to getting started.

MFM is a great starting point, but if you plan on transferring a lot of stuff, you’ll likely want to investigate Fred Kaals HDX server software/hardware solution.  His software will allow you to run a PC side HDX server, that will ‘serve’ a PC folder of your choice, to the TI.  The major benefit of this is you’ll have all the storage space on your PC’s hard drive as the source.  It’s as close as you can get to putting a hard drive in your TI, as there really isn’t any cost effective way to do that, to this day...  The HDX RS232 modification and accompanying server program, is hands down my most useful mod on the TI.  (Thanks Fred!)

With the latest version of my TI-Starter Kit v2.0 (to be released soon), I’m now including one of Fred’s utilities from his HDX suite, that doesn’t require any additional hardware modifications to the TI RS232 card.  It doesn’t capture the full potential that the hardware modification allows, but it will give you a taste of what could be.  He has also updated his suite to include other serial devices besides the TI RS232 card, like the UberGROM cartridge or NanoPEB.

You may purchase this  starter kit directly from me, or via my eBay account.  I’ll be happy to ship world wide.  Contact me for latest pricing (approximately $30 USD) and shipping costs.  I make each and every one by hand, and test on a real TI before sending out.  I’m too OCD to send out junk.

TI994A at CantStopClicking (dawt) com

Kit Includes:

TI-STARTER Disk (TI SSSD Format 5.25” or 3.5”)

RJ-45 to 25-Pin Serial Adapter

RJ-45 to 9-Pin Serial Adapter

Ethernet Cable

Printed Setup Guide (see downloads below)


TI-99/4A, Extended Basic, 32k Expansion System (of some flavor) with disk system, RS232 card, and a PC.


Latest Version 2.0 (20181210)

Starter Kit Downloads: