First, some notes regarding PDF’s:

    Most, if not all of the PDF’s below were created from the original TI content and authors of the various software packages.  I’ve taken the time to convert TI-Writer files and text files to be as faithful reproduction as possible.  My aim is to create the output one might expect of DOT matrix printers, from back in the day.  It may seem like a simple task, but there are many variables that need to be tweaked to get the best display.  I’m a little OCD about “readability” while maintaining the original look.  I won’t bore you with the details of my multi-step process, but I hope you enjoy the documents I’ve created.

    I have not corrected any errors, mis-spellings, or other technically incorrect information.  These documents are simply my efforts of conversion to PDF.  All due respect for the original authors and their content, some are no longer with us today, but will not be forgotten.  RIP!


Yay! Free Downloads!

Starter Kit Downloads:

Part 1 (Included in kit) REV2.1

Part 2 (Using TeraTerm)

TI Disk Image v2.0 (current version) includes:

    Magic File Manipulator v3.2.5

    Disk Manager 1000 v6.0

    CFHDX v2.5

    NPDSK2PC v2.1


TI Disk Image includes:

    Magic File Manipulator v3.2.5

    Archiver v3.04

    CFHDX v2.1 (archived)

    Disk Manager 1000 v6.0 (archived)

    Documentation (archived)

TI Disk Image (previous version)

Bonus Disk with DM2K, DU2K, CFHDXS1

Bonus Disk v2 - unreleased - TBD

Magic File Manipulator v2.2 (original)

Magic File Manipulator v3.2.5 (supplement)

Archiver III v3.03 - User Guide

Disk Manager 1000 v6.1 Read Me

Disk Manager 1000 v6.1 Documentation

Disk Manager 2k v2.5 Doc’s - Readme

Disk Manager 2k v2.5 Doc’s - English

Disk Manager 2k v2.5 Doc’s - Dutch

File Description:

Notes regarding Disk Images:

    If you need to manipulate files within the disk images, use a tool like TI99-DIR or TI-Image-Tool.  You can easily view directory contents and extract individual files with those utilities, without needing to transfer to the TI first.



Enough already, lets get started...

Other Downloads:

BOOT Menu - Disk Image (v. 12/16/1989) by John Johnson

BOOT Menu - New Features

BOOT Menu - Program Doc’s

File Description: