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Forums and TI repository

AtariAge.com doesn’t just cover Atari’s, it supports many vintage computers, including the TI-99/4a!

I can’t recommend joining this forum enough.  Anyone and everyone in the TI world; past, present, and future, are here!

Joining is FREE and you can participate as much, or as little, as you like.  The talent here ranges from expert to newbie.

Yahoo.com Forums; While not as active as they use to be, this forum is still alive.  Due to the uncertainty of Yahoo, as a company, most members have moved to AtariAge.

I still am a member, as I like the simplicity of getting messages directly to my email.  No browsers or logging in is required.  Plus I can manage it from any device, regardless of my computing power.  However, I do NOT like their latest PRIVACY POLICY, or LACK OF!!!

WHTECH.com; Also known as Western Horizons Technology.  Undisputedly the most combined file archive online for the TI.  Don’t be fooled by the ‘outdated’ appearance, it IS the repository for everything TI, and is more current than appears.

Click here for a HTTP browsable version of the FTP archive.

There are GIG’s of files; be prepared to get lost for awhile.

by Fred Kaal.

by Jon Guidry

Harmless Lion by Tursi

TI-99/4A Tech Pages by Terry Nouspikel

TI-99 I.U.C. (Italian Users Club) by Ciro Barile

CaDD Electronics

System-99 User Group (SNUG)

Mainbyte's Home of the TI Computers by Ron Reuter

TI-99/4A Videogame House by Bryan Roppolo Boulder

TI-99/4A Game Shelf by Walid Maalouli

The TI-99/4A TImeline by Bill Gaskill and Tom Wills

The TI99ers Hall of Fame by Tom Wills

TI99 Forever! by Fabrice Montupet

99er.net by Rich Polivka

ti99-geek.nl; This site is run by Fred Kaal and is a great resource for information and tools.  His software programs for the TI and PC are real life savers.  You won’t be disappointed, unless you don’t go check it out!  I call this notable, because without these tools, everything would be more difficult than necessary.

TI99DIR is an absolutely essential tool for the PC.  It will allow you to manipulate disk images, archives, and TI-FILES on your PC.  It is a native Windows application.

HDX, DSK2PC, DM2K, are all ways to deal with file management and transferring between the PC and TI.  The HDX modification to the TI RS232 is my absolute most used item, right next to my UberGROM cart.

Ernie Pegrem’s TI book scanning archive is hosted by Hexbus.  Absolutely one of the best sites for original TI books converted to PDF, many thanks to Ernie!  Hours and hours of work for our benefit.  I’m putting this in the notables, because unless you’re already familiar with the TI, you’ll probably need some reference material.  This is definitely, the place to start, then head to the AtariAge forums.

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